The build-up begins...

Editorial Type: Awards Date: 2019-07-01 Views: 949 Tags: CAD
It will be a mere two weeks after one of the most momentous events in the UK since the end of the Second World War that we will be getting together to celebrate the best in the construction industry in the past year - the projects, the software, the companies and the teams

Whatever happens, after 31st October things will not be the same, and I am sure the implications for you and your company will have been discussed ad nauseum - but perhaps not as long as the decision to leave the EU, whatever your views.

The good news, though, is that there's still still plenty of time to get involved in the 2019 Construction Computing Awards, whether it's by nominating your chosen finalists online by 12th september, submitting your own projects, or by booking your place at the awards ceremony itself, where you will be handsomely entertained and fed before the 14th annual 'Hammers' are presented. The Construction Computing Awards have always been a positive event, featuring companies at the top of their game, and attended by professionals fully invested in the industry.

Brexit aside, the world is facing challenges in all directions - climate change, the environment, resources, the IoT and AI, smart cities, urbanisation and shifting populations - and it's our industry that's in the frontline. You have the chance to shape the future - embrace it!

For more details on how to attend the awards and to make your nominations please visit the awards website, below.