A flexible new approach for Skanska UK

Skanska UK's new framework for flexible working aims to provide its employees with more informal flexibility about where and when they work.

It also allows scope for people to optimise their personal productivity, for example by reducing unnecessary travel time. Flex-it will support performance and personal wellbeing, and help deliver Skanska UK’s aspiration to become a more inclusive workplace.

Skanska UK’s commitment to flexible working began last year through its partnership with sector specialists, Timewise, and participation in Build UK's programme to create a mechanism for such working within the construction industry.

Flex-it marks an important step on Skanska UK's journey to creating and implementing new ways of working that reflect our changing times and circumstances. As part of its response to the pandemic, it identified that people can be more productive if they’re flexible in how they work, for example by adapting their core hours to avoid rush-hour travel. The company's investment in digital technologies such as Office 365, has been a key enabler in this change.

Skanska UK's Executive Vice President, Harvey Francis said; "Flex-it gives us greater agility and flexibility that will allow people to perform at their best and marks a significant shift in working patterns for many of our people. It supports our drive to return to full productivity, as well as contributing to significantmental healsth and wellbeing benefits for our employees. It also helps us deliver on our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2045 by cutting the time our employees spend travelling to and from work."