3d models give a sense of place to dcsk

Editorial Type: News Date: 10-2020 Views: 1,157 Tags: Construction, CAD
London agency DCSK is using 3D building models from Bluesky to inform the design of high profile urban residential developments.

Derived from the most up to date and accurate aerial photography the Bluesky 3D models allow DCSK to place a design within its real world context, consider sensitive view and vantage points and communicate ideas to clients, planning authorities and the public. DCSK has used a number of models from Bluesky including a detailed representation of central Birmingham fo the design of a 24 storey student accommodation on Lancaster Street.

DCSK uses 3D models from Bluesky to provide context to and inform the design of projects such as Curzon Circle Student Accommodation and a number of current projects in London. Photogrammetrically derived from stereoscopic aerial photography, the Bluesky models are fully rendered and are provided as either wireframe or block models in a format suitable for use in both CAD and GIS software.

All Bluesky 3D models are supplied complete with a Digital Terrain Model depicting the topography of the underlying surface.