Lighting up the stage

New York based Gray Matter Visual used Vectorworks Vision 2019 for the spectacular light show at Telemundo 2019, the annual celebratory event for the advertising industry and their clients

Stage presentations, product launches, musical extravaganzas and basically anything else that requires a visually spectacular effect, are increasingly reliant on dazzlingly choreographed lighting displays. In spite of the fact that they are, essentially, transient events, they rely on sophisticated planning, using the latest CAD software, to lay out the design of the lighting rigs being used, set up a lighting schedule to sequence the different lighting effects and to previsualise the result.

One of the leading lighting and production design firms in America is Brooklyn, NY-based Gray Matter Visual Inc. (GMV) who recently used Vision 2019 software as a previsualisation solution for Lighting Designer Rob Cangemi of Cangemi Design. The software was used for the 2019 Telemundo Celebration event at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for advertising clients and business partners. Vision, created by global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc., allowed GMV to properly previsualise, program and cue th